Welcome to SCUBAdventures...I urge everyone to VENTURE OUT!
I hope this issue will inspire you to dive and continue diving,
as well as enjoy life to the fullest and seek out new adventures
and experience what nature has to offer by land and sea. There is
a new world for you to explore...let SCUBAdventures take you there,
as it did for me.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the water. Diving
came naturally to me and I have always had a spirit for adventure.
Travel has always taken precedence over everything else, so by
combining diving, adventure travel and magazine design; I have
found the perfect combo.

I have been on many adventures and have traveled several different
places, but the one trip that struck a chord and inspired me to create SCUBAdventures was the Costa Rican adventure with Kevin and fellow divers. The trip was packed with everything Costa Rica had to offer
and I knew then I had to dive more and seek out new destinations.

I was diving spectacular sites, horseback riding through a rainforest, took a wild ride on a ATV through mountainous terrain and down to the beach for an unforgettable sunset. I enjoyed "Coco Locos" at the swim up bar, sampled the local cuisine in unique settings and I was entertained and educated by our Costa Rican guide. I sipped on a martini while watching a volcano erupt and relaxed in volcanic hot springs. I zip-lined through tree tops on the canopy tours, rappelled down waterfalls, went white water rafting and if that wasn't enough; I ended the trip salsa dancing in San Jose. Now if that isn't a life changing experience, then I don't know what is.......It was for me! I saw things clearer, once the "Coco Locos" wore off.
I knew then that I wanted more!

I will end by saying, "Life should be a journey full of laughter and excitement and at the end you should be totally worn out and screaming Woo Hoo what a ride! " Enjoy Life! Go diving!

Tracy Gudgel, Gudgel Graphix.